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Fabulous Rooms & Balloons Limited

We’re a bespoke family-owned business who love to supply our customers with Fabulous must have event decorations for Weddings, Events, Birthday’s, Christenings and other occasions.

We know how important it is to make your event super special, but we also want to help make it absolutely perfect. No wedding or party is too small or too large; we work closely with all our customers to provide a personalised service from the moment you enquire.

Team Fabulous will help choose your décor, whether it’s lights, balloons, party props, flower walls, or anything else to suit your colour theme and ideas. We’ll make it come to life! On the day of your event, we will dress the venue leaving you to do nothing but enjoy your Fabulous day.


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36 Woodhouse Road , Urmston, England M41 7DJ, United Kingdom
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