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NABAS The Balloon & Party Industry’s Trade Association
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What Our Members are Saying…

Membership a must

“The worldwide contacts, the authority of an industry voice for help and advice, and a listening ear to our concerns makes NABAS a must for ALL in the balloon industry.”

Derek Ryan, Balloons ‘R’ Magic, NABAS Member No. 16

More than insurance

“I think most people originally join NABAS because of the great insurance deal. You’ve got to have Public Liability Insurance and NABAS provides a tailor made package especially for the balloon industry. But there’s much more to NABAS than insurance. Your average balloon company is very small and it can sometimes feel like you’re the only one out there – NABAS helps to bring balloon people together. Whether you meet new people on a basics course or at the NABAS Show you’ll find you can’t stop talking about the things you do every day. It’s also great to know that NABAS and its experienced committee are out there fighting your corner.”

David Saker,, NABAS Member No. 29

Superb level of advice

“I needed advice on a time-limited issue. I did have to call the Legal Helpline a few times just to get it moving to the litigation side but I can say that the level of advice and understanding was superb, the fact that they were able to respond so quickly (I realise it’s an on demand service and they don’t just wait for me to ring!) was fantastic.”

Allison Cross, Atmosphere Creators, NABAS Member No.1316

Spirit of camaraderie

“I was first made aware of the existence of NABAS in 1988, and the friendly enthusiasm, shared knowledge, help and support were the firm foundations on which this amazing industry was established. Long may the spirit of camaraderie, enthusiasm and the sharing of knowledge and skills continue to strengthen NABAS and encourage, support, educate and inform the membership and the general public.”

Patricia Garfield Bennett, A Balloon Celebration Inc. Celebration Organisation, NABAS Member No. 24

Adding strength to the balloon industry

“The NABAS Show is a must for all in the balloon business, either newcomers or experienced. The classes are excellent and you always come away with new ideas and also the chance to watch some of the past and present International Balloon Decorator Award winners in action. I leave inspired and always having learned something new, whether it be a new technique, design or just an easier way of doing something. The competitions are a wonderful chance to challenge yourself and newcomers shouldn’t be afraid to enter, even if it’s just one piece the first year. I entered for several years before I won NABAS Balloon Decorator of The Year. The NABAS Show seems to get bigger and better each year – well done NABAS for all the hard work that goes into making it such a success.”

Jo-Ann Airikkala, NABAS Balloon Decorator of the Year 2007

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