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NABAS The Balloon & Party Industry’s Trade Association
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Isn’t It Time You Joined The Industry’s Only Registered Balloon and Party Trade Association? The Independent Voice At The Heart Of Your Industry

NABAS, The Balloon and Party Professionals Association continues to be the only registered trade association for the balloon and party industry run by members, for members with all profits being ploughed back into organisation for the benefit of all.

As a result, our members are able to enjoy the most comprehensive indemnity insurance currently available. But NABAS isn’t just about A Great Insurance Policy. As a non-profit organisation seeking to support our members and indeed our industry, we are able to invest in unbiased independent training and events, including, but not limited to our spectacular 3 Day extravaganzas.
As a champion of best practices and excellence in the industry, NABAS provides unrivalled support and services to its varied and eclectic members. In this, the most challenging period of the association’s 35-year history, NABAS has adjusted, increased and further improved its offering to help balloon and party businesses survive and now focus on thriving once again as business resumes.

During 2020, NABAS responded to the changing and urgent needs of its members with assets for shop floors to support social distancing, and by supplying additional training in digital marketing, social media representation and promotion. This was achieved while providing flexible membership options to enable those hit hardest to retain the benefits of NABAS membership.
Stemming from the fact NABAS is run by the members and supported by a team of volunteers, the association’s inclusive and fair approach to management and decision-making means all views are represented and all ideas considered. That means our member offering holds optimum value at all times and provides gold standard insurance, training, marketing support, digital resources and supplier discounts.

The management committee is focused on uniting the industry to continue progress its agenda and safeguard its future no matter what circumstances arise. Furthermore, NABAS is committed to championing best practices related to both trading and environmental issues, calling on industry experts and external consultancy to provide secure and assured advice, resources and initiatives.

Members can expect a number of initiatives to ‘raise the bar’ and install consumer confidence to be available within the coming months.

George Oustayiannis, Nabas Chairman said: Decisions are made by considering all aspects and our independent association continues to recognise the needs of our members, and in so doing, create a unified voice and stance. The professionalism of our industry is more important than ever to reassure the public that their chosen business is following every step to minimise risks whilst being fully insured and adhering to all government guidelines. Being a member of NABAS highlights this protection and credibility.”

As the association moves into a new era, it welcomes members current and future to continue to review its offering, to help support an industry that brings positivity and celebration to the lives of a nation facing uncertainty.

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