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NABAS launches social campaign to support members

This week, NABAS has launched a social media tool kit complete with images and content for key social media channels used by its members.

The aim of the tool kit is to encourage members to help their customers (present and future) understand the benefits of buying from a NABAS member.

Simultaneously, the campaign reinforces the importance of customers continuing to mark special occasions despite the current social distancing restrictions in place by using imagery and straplines for key life events.

The images depict celebrations happening remotely via video conferencing software, capturing precious, emotional moments that can be further brightened by sending a balloon as part of the celebration. The toolkit also includes images that members can use to announce their reopening to their followers.

NABAS members will have full access to the campaign materials plus additional training and support surrounding placement, targeting and distribution. These include a series of free webinars dedicated to helping members get the most from their social media channels, with downloadable guides and assets to accompany.

George Oustayiannis, NABAS Chairman said: “Almost 35 years ago, the leaders of this then fledgling industry all came together with the common goal of creating a true trade association run for its members, by its members.

It was decided that for a true trade association, no individual or company should ever have overall control. As such, all business owners across the industry were represented and had access to resources that would help them grow their business and the industry as a whole.

NABAS is structured so that no single committee member or organisational influence has more weight than another. Decisions are made by considering all aspects and our independent association continues to recognise the needs of our members, and in doing so create a unified voice and stance. This unity is reflected in our rich and diverse member benefits which you can find here:

In short, never before have we offered so much additional support for 50p a day.

The professionalism of our industry is more important than ever to reassure the public that their chosen business is following every step to minimise risks whilst being fully insured and adhering to all government guidelines. Being a member of NABAS highlights this protection and credibility. ”

To download your toolkit and access the social media training resources, you can log in here: . Not a member yet? No worries, you can find out about our incredible member benefits and sign up here

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